About Us

        Born in 2015, I Noah Training is Countryside's Premium combat sports gym (Offering boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and mixed martial arts classes). In addition with our weekly classes, we offer private lessons, group instruction and a positive supportive atmosphere. Our programs are designed for ALL experience levels for adults & ages 5+.  In all of these these classes you are not required to make physical contact, thats the point. Are first and main focus is to teach all of our students the technique and help them effectively defend themselves through drilling. For the athletes looking to compete in the future we will go at a little more accelerated pace and create live situations. We are fully equipped with cable machines, free weights. to ensure that you can become the strongest athlete possible. 

 I am the instructor at events/classes/workshops for self defense or competition at Chicago Public Schools, Oak Street Health, therapeutic day schools, area churches, nursing homes, girls scouts, libraries, theaters, block parties, health fairs, social events and more!

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