Our Five Coach fight team is looking for a number 6!

Now Hiring!

I Noah Training in Countryside is looking for a new coach/trainer/instructor to add to our passionate combat sports team.  If you are a coach/trainer/instructor and would like to add to our team, please email Noahg76@gmail.com.  I Noah Training in Countryside is expanding classes and is looking for the following...

Wrestling for self defense/competition/MMA (mixed martial arts) coach (for Adults or kids ages 5+)

Judo for self defense/competition/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts for adults and kids ages 5+)

Muay Thai for self defense/competion/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA (mixed martial arts) instructor for self defense/competition/sparring/cage fight training

Boxing for competition/self defense/fighting in the ring (for adults and kids ages 5+

No Gi Jiu jitsu for cagefighting/MMA/self defense


Kickboxing (For Adults & kids ages 5+)

Martial Arts for MMA/fighting/boxing

If you have a backround that can add to our dedicated, passionate and supportive team, email Noahg76@gmail.com for more information.  You do not have to leave your current gym to work with us.  We understand you have a passion/family to support and sometimes need to make it work.  There are programs we currently do not have but would love to such as sambo, judo and all fighting styles that would greatly add to any MMA athlete's repertoire. We love to train people to fight for self defense or competition. We would love to have you on board and help us maintain the best fighting platform in the Chicago area.  Look forward to hearing from you!