Noah Gutierrez  is a USA Boxing certified coach, Strength training coach (NASM certified) and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist (NASM certified). He has been training in boxing and MMA since 2005 and is the founder of I Noah Training located in Countryside & Indian Head Park. I Noah training was born in 2015 and is Chicagoland's premium boxing training facility. I Noah is primarily a competition training boxing gym but also trains athletes for self defense purposes. His goal is simple, get you a trophy or get you a win.  If you listen to  head coach Noah, you will likely win your bouts. If you don't listen to head coach Noah, results may vary.  All competition boxers will be placed on a strict strength & conditioning routine specific to boxing, placed on a meal plan (for those who want it), and set up to spar with over 15 weekly sparring sessions to choose from.   We won the golden gloves trophy in 2022, let's get you your trophy as well! Message us to get started.

Boxing (classes & Private Lessons)

The "Sweet Science" is a combat sport that develops lightning fast reflexes, coordination, balance, power, agility and endurance. Classes are 45 minutes long and private lessons are 1 hour long. Classes & lessons include a warm up, bags, partnered drills, mitt work and optional sparring (Ask about our 13+ weekly sparring sessions). We are primarily a training facility for competition but great for self defense purposes as well. Getting in great shape is a bonus of both.

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Strength Training (private Lessons Only)

A personalized strength training program that encompasses all aspects of physical fitness. You'll be moving heavy objects, using free weights, or your body producing maximum results. Let's get those gains!

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Strength Training

Strength Training Private Lessons