How to fight 2 people at once

How to fight 2 people at once

How to fight 2 people at once

Thank you for reading and following our blog based off all things combat sports. 2 vs 1 is crazy odds for a fight and should never be something you look for in a street fight, but unfortunately it happens. It’s just as crazy in boxing but without all the potential weapon shenanigans. Purely for practice or self defense as there is currently no 2 vs 1 option in competition. The most intense cardio you will ever encounter. This blog will cover strategies for both boxing and street fight situations.  Whether you try to talk your way out of a situation or are able to run away, you should always try to avoid this situation first. Designed for a safe/controlled boxing environment under proper supervision, ages 18+. You will require headgear, mouth guard and cup on (all properly). An extreme cardio workout physically and mentally so be prepared to sweat. Always consult your physician before attempting any physical activity.  You need proper insurance for this as well. 

Do’s for boxing

  • Try to angle yourself in a way that your two opponents eventually line up blocking one with the other. Think of an eclipse where one covers the other. 
  • Strike the smaller opponent first and keep them in front of you so it’s easier to see the bigger guy behind them. 
  • Keep your eyes on your opponent’s chest and use your peripheral vision to keep track of the big guy behind them
  • Conserve your energy as much as possible as this will be one of the most physically and mentally exhausting activities you’ll ever endure
  • Stay calm and only strike when you are absolutely sure it can land
  • Shuffle in a circular motion left or right depending on where the person behind the guy in front of you moves. If they move left you circle right. If they move right you circle left. Always keep one person in front of you to block the person behind you.
  • Try to stay near the edge of the parameter so there is less chance someone is able to move behind you
  • Breathe through your mouth with every strike
  • Stay light on your feet as you will be moving the entire time
  • Keep hands protecting your jaw with your gloves just under your ears
  • Chin tucked, looking through your eyebrows
  • Elbows tucked in and touching your sides
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Heels off the ground

Dont's for boxing

  • Do not waste energy showboating, acting cocky or taunting. This is not the time.
  • Do not let yourself get in the middle where one opponent is in front of you and the other is behind you.
  • Do not let yourself get in the middle where one opponent is on either side of you.
  • Do not take you eyes off the opponent that is standing directly in front of you. Focus on one while keeping the other in sight. 
  • Do not hold your breath. Doing this is the same as holding your breath under water. As soon as you are able to breath you will be gasping for air.
  • Do not drop your hands and always keep atleast one hand at your face.
  • Do not let your elbows flare out as this is a clear invitation for a body shot.
  • Do not take your chin off your chest, you will get knocked out if you leave your chin out like that.
  • Do not stay flat footed. This will add power to your punches but it will make you slower to move and with 2 opponents you need to be moving. 
  • Do not cross your feet when shuffling or circling out. You will be off balance and trip yourself up.
  • Do not tie up with your opponent as they will hug you and give the other guy a chance to get better positioning and land shots. 

Do’s for street self defense

  • Same as for boxing
  • Attack the bigger opponent first. If you knock out the bigger opponent the little one will likely get scared.
  • A perfectly timed straight blast will push the opponent in front of you and they may head butt the one behind them which could either knock the out, knock them down, tie them up and hopefully give you the opportunity to run away

Don’ts for street self defense

  • Do not take the fight to the ground. All one of them would have to do is hold your down while the other lands attacks. 
  • Do not tie up or get into a 50/50 position with your opponent. For same same reason as not taking them to the ground. 
  • Do not panic, staying calm and focused is the best way to handle this situation. I know this is easier said than done. 

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