List of 159 Ab & Core exercises to add to your routine

List of 159 Ab & Core exercises to add to your routine

Lying face up


1. Deadbug

2. Deadbug crunches

3. Deadbug with leg extensions

4. Deadbug with opposite arm and leg extension

5. Dumbbell in between shins with knees 90 degrees

6. Butterfly situps with touching opposite side 

7. Toe touch crunches

8. Alternating toe touches

9. Medicine ball toe touch crunches

10. Medicine ball pullover

11. Medicine ball pullover with single knee lift

12. Medicine ball table top pullover

13. Medicine ball table top pullover with single leg extension

14. Medicine ball pullover with double heel tap

15. Medicine ball pullover with double leg extension

16. Medicine ball pullover with double leg split

17. Full situp with overhead swing

18. Full situp with overhead swing with oblique twist

19. Full situp with jab cross punch

20. Crunch circles. Back flat on the ground, knees bent, hands behind head in circular motion, no extra tension on head. Move clockwise and counter clockwise.

21. Leg raises

22. Medicine ball hold leg raises

23. Medicine ball weighted side knee crunch

24. Dumbbell hold leg raises

25. Eccentric crunch – knees 90 degree, reach arms out, slowly lower down by 5 seconds, and then come up

26. Lawn chair position to up and over with legs

27. Single leg glute bridge ( right heel dug into ground, left leg up as straightened out as possible, palms on the ground)

28. Medicine ball crunches

29. Bicycle crunches

30. Heels up crunches

31. Knees 90 degrees crunches

32. Knees 90 degrees crunches with medicine ball between shins

33. Oblique crunches

34. Medicine ball chest press crunch

35. Medicine ball toe touch crunch

36. Penguins

37. Elevated penguins

38. Scissor kicks

39. Accordions

40. Cross legged single side elbow to knee crunch

41. Dumbbell full situp with overhead swing into Russian twists

42. On your back, raise one arm in the center and do leg raises to touch hand

43. 90 degree knee crunches

44. Elbow to knee crunches with opposite leg extended

45. Crunch into elbow to knee crunch

46. Leg lower pulses

47. Deadbug position/upside down bear plank with opposite arm and leg extended

48. Banana hold position – plank jack into wrist to knee touch or crunch

49. Heel taps (obliques)

50. Single arm chest press into toe touch crunch each side

51. Slow bicycles ( connect elbow to knee, unused leg is straightened out)

52. Crab walk with high knees


Lying face down

1. Plank pushups

2. Hands elevated plank pushup

3. Feet elevated plank pushup

4. Superman pulse into low plank on knees

5. Superman pulse into high plank position

6. Superman

7. T pushups (pushups, turn to a side, raise arm straight up, keep one knee on the ground, stand on other leg



1. Half squat oblique. Hold half squat position and reach over to the sides. 

2. Standing elbow to knee crunches

3. High knee into warrior pose. Standing on one leg, high knee with opp

4. Standing oblique crunches. Dumbbell in one arm, bring dumbbell over right shoulder, use left knee to bring it in and connect with elbow in the middle. Do both sides.

5. Single leg swings

6. Drop squats to ground touch one arm only at a time

7. Lateral high knees

8. Slam ball rotations

9. Landmine barbell rotations

10. Barbell rotations

11. Quick feet to down (burped), up (jump), left (twist torso)

12. Squat jacks (touching the ground with both hands)

13. Squat to wacky jack (quads, oblique)

14. Medicine ball single leg deadlift toe touch

15. Medicine ball lunge and twist

16. Medicine ball hip thrust


Low plank

1. Low plank

2. Low plank with reach out

3. Low plank with kickback

4. Low plank with one arm plate slide

5. Low plank with single leg circles

6. Low plank with opposite arm and leg extension

7. Low plank glider body saw

8. Hands elevated low plank

9. Feet elevated low plank

10. Plank pushups with in and out jump

11. Medicine ball low plank with side to side ball roll

12. Medicine ball low plank with front to back ball roll

13. Medicine ball knee tuck plank

14. Medicine ball single leg plank


Side plank

1. Side plank 

2. Side plank with hip dip

3. Side plank with leg raise

4. Side plank with reach through

5. Arm elevated side plank

6. Feet elevated side plank

7. Staggered stance side plank

8. Modified side plank

9. Medicine ball weighted side plank

10. Medicine ball weighted side plank

11. Medicine ball semi side plank crunch


High plank

1. Bear plank 

2. Bird dog crunch

3. High plank butt kickers

4. High plank with single arm battlerope whip

5. Hands elevated high plank

6. Feet elevated high plank

7. High plank with single or double shoulder taps

8. Mountain climbers with high knee hold

9. Opposite knee mountain climbers

10. 2 pushups 2 shoulder taps 2 mountain climbers

11. Burpees with pushup

12. Pushup with shoulder taps

13. High plank jacks with shoulder taps

14. Knee dips with shoulder taps

15. 3 point side to side high plank hops. Left, middle and right

16. Bear plank shoulder taps (in the high plank position with added shoulder taps, both knees elevated but slightly bent

17. Bear plank from your back, reach down with feet to touch the ground with both feet

18. From bentover kneeling position – dumbbell crunch into side crunch

19. High plank with dumbbell Passover

20. High plank elbow to knee crunch (core, shoulder)

21. Crab toe touches in crab walk position with elbow to knee crunch

22. High plank dumbbell renegade rows

23. Medicine ball high plank with alternating ball touch

24. Medicine ball uneven pushups

25. Medicine ball hands elevated plank jacks

26. Medicine ball hand elevated mountain climbers

27. Medicine ball hands elevated side to side hops

28. Medicine ball hands elevated kickbacks


Bosu dome side up

1. Bosu deadbug

2. Bosu crunches

3. Bosu crunches into stand up

4. Bosu standing head tilt

5. Bosu standing wood choppers

6. Bosu standing left to right & right to left wood choppers

7. Bosu dome side up low plank

8. Bosu bird dog crunch

9. Bosu single leg glute bridge into elbow to knee touch

10. Bosu low plank

11. Bosu low plank jacks

12. Bosu low plank butt kickers

13. Bosu low plank kickbacks

14. Bosu hands elevated 222’s


Bosu dome side down

1. Bosu domeside down high plank

2. Bosu dome side down shoulder rockers

3. Bosu dome side down burpees with pushup

4. Bosu plank jacks

5. Bosu butt kickers

6. Bosu side to side hops

7. Bosu front to back hops

8. Bosu standing head tilt

9. Bosu standing oblique crunches

10. Bosu standing crunches

11. Bosu standing around the world rotations

12. Bosu standing front to back rockers

13. Bosu standing side to side rockers

14. Bosu medicine ball woodchoppers

15. Bosu medicine ball left to right woodchoppers

16. Bosu single leg pushups

17. Bosu pushups

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